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Jason Stockert
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This is indeed where stuff happens. This stuff that happens is stuff that I use to make other stuff so that the first amount of stuff looks like stuff compared to the new stuff? That stuff enough for ya?



Gaming Intensifies by TheLtColonel
Gaming Intensifies
The Colonel here doesn't look like he's doing too well.


Friends wanted to do some Gmod stuff, so I went ahead and tried my luck at image making in it. VERY aggravating, glad the community created pose tools as when you come from SFM, the Phys Gun is just so... ugh.
Not too shabby of a turn out, thou. Also have a few other's I'll upload.
My Succubus Queen's
Since I never post anything about my Story, I'll just say that Kiana and Her Sister Piper are both half succubus. 

Not that it really makes a differnece to you guys, Haha. I really should work on some Bio's for everyone.

  • Mood: Joy
  • Listening to: Random Stuff
  • Reading: The Internet
  • Watching: Last Man Standing
  • Playing: Fallout 4/Black Ops 3
  • Eating: Pie
  • Drinking: Coke

Update: Animation's are OPEN! Only take a few at a time so be patient if you do NOT get a response for a little while. Message me on my deviant art if interested or through Email at!

These commissions are for my Source Filmmaker Vindictus images! Both NSFW and SFW images are welcomed, as long as the follow the rules down below. What I do is extract your Vindictus characters and make an image usin' Source Filmmaker and Photoshop! 

Pricing for Characters:

$8 (U.S Dollars) for main character in the scene.

$4 (U.S Dollars) for each extra character.

$5 (U.S Dollars) for Full/Broken Armor added to ONE character. (No matter how many pieces it will always be 5 dollars per character in armor)

I will not charge for mapping/objects used in the images, nor will I charge for the usage of weapons. On the note of maps, I will decide where the image is best suited. You may input a suggestion and I will find a map that is similar. I wont charge for randoms in the scene (Like headless males/stuff like that) but any character that you specifically request will count as an Extra character.

The cost of an animation will be added on top of the above details. Meaning that it will still cost for the extraction of your character/s.

$20 for every 3 seconds of loop.
$10 for every 2 seconds after that.

Animation times start at 3 seconds. Not under.

Extra shots (Either of the same angle with different clothing, or a different angle) $3 per extra shot. 

In-Game Gold Options:
These options only apply to people on West Server, are ONLY for static images and limited to 2 characters per image ONLY. No animations for gold.

One Image with One character: 80 Mil
Second characters: 20 Mil

Are do-able now, for the most part. If your design is placed in a position that is almost not doable, I will attempt to get it to match as best I can.

I need to know which Eyebrows and which makeup you use/want for your characters.

EYES and Eye Color: 
I need to know which Eye colors you use/want for your characters.

Body Size:
Limited to DEFAULT body size for EVERY part of the model. I cannot do Fat/Skinny. 

Paypal only. 
(Please note that you do not need a Paypal in order to pay.)

When I will require payment:
I will send you a smaller image of an unlit/shadow-less/expressionless pose to you half way through the creation process. It will also be watermarked. At this time, I will also send you my Paypal address to send the payment to. Once you’ve sent the payment and confirmed this pose is good, send me a message saying you have sent payment. Once confirmed, I will finish your image in SFM and proceed to the final editing process in Photoshop.

For Animations, I will send you a low res, 24fps gif WITH a watermark on it after I have finished, to let you take a look at it. It takes a LONG time to finish an animation, and hours for my computer to render out one of them. So PLEASE keep in mind I cannot be as showy when it comes to that as I am with images.

For Gold commissions, I will use the same process as up here. When we get to the payment part, I will require your user name so I can CoD you the price of your commission.

I now do all my Images in a 4k 4096x2304 resolution. So once I am finished with your image, I will send you that high res image and a scaled image to fit your monitor or other needs.

All animations are in 1920x1080.

What I Will do:

Action Scenes
Sad Scenes
Cool Poses
Group Photo's
Fight Scenes
Single Poses
Romance moments

Solo Female
Bestiality (Not often, and no too over done.)
FutaxFuta (Not often, and no too over done.)

Lighting Touching
Single Poses
Artistic Nudes


What I require from you:
Characters. Please send me detailed Screen's in the BEST quality you can get to me. I need one of their front, one of their back, and one of their head for SFW commissions. For NSFW commissions, I need one of their face and one of any tattoo they have on their body.
Poses. I can work with references. Send me an image of a pose you want or just tell me how you’d like them. If no pose or preference is requested I will use a pose that I feel suits the situation.
Armor: If you choose to have Armor on in the image, I will need the name of all pieces you are using, as well as any Inner Armor you are using/wanting in the image.


Instead of a Hollywood Horror by TheLtColonel The Future of Destiny by TheLtColonel The Chosen by TheLtColonel    SFW Commission 1 by TheLtColonel  If Everyone Cared by TheLtColonel Wings Of An Angel by TheLtColonel

Come to Me by TheLtColonel Dreaming by TheLtColonel Morning Surprise by TheLtColonel Sunrise - Gehenna by TheLtColonel The Blue Flames Angel by TheLtColonel Sisters by TheLtColonel

NSFW Imags can be found on my Tumblr, as I will NOT be posting them here do to Deviant Art's rules. 

PLEASE Note that anything found on this Tumblr is very, VERY NSFW. I am warning you now.


• When I am ready to work on your commission, I will send you a message. DO NOT BEG if it’s been awhile since you've heard from me. You’re probably farther back behind the line of images than everyone else and it will take time to get to you.

• I have the right to post the image I have made for you on my Tumblr/DeviantArt. But I will be posting a lower res watermarked image, the same I normally do. You will be the only one with the high res un-maked image.

• Once I send you an image, it’s yours to do whatever you want with. Just make sure that you give credit where its due if someone asks. :) • Please allow 1-3 days to create your image/create your character starting from the day you respond to my first note. It takes time to make models based off your characters and I do not need to be rushed.

• I DO NOT give refunds.

• I WILL NOT give you the models. You're buying an Image with my skills from me, you are NOT buying my models. I will however save them for future commissions if you happen to want another image which will speed up the process.

• If you have any questions regarding anything I did not manage to cover here, send me a message asking BEFORE you send a request message. Thank you!

I hold all rights to not accept a commission at any time.

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